2016 Challenge Participant:

Missionary Society of CT - Passive Lodge at Silver Lake

Applicant: Greg Arifian

Project Address: 223 Low Road, Sharon, CT 06069

Bdrms./Sq. Footage: TBD

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The Missionary Society of CT - Passive Lodge at Silver Lake project in Sharon, CT.

General project overview:

The Passive Lodge project is a renovation and addition to a 110-year old building seeking full PHIUS certification for Passive House.  We are currently pre-certified and have passed our blower door testing. The renovated structure will include an addition adding 500sf to the space for 2402sf.  The improvements are designed to increase guest comfort, allow full ADA access, and lower operational costs.

Special Features:

  • ADA accessible driveway, ramps, living, bed, and bath space.

  • A Wood stove with outside air supply including an insulated shut off valve to eliminate drafting during non-use of the stove.
  • Evacuated tube solar HW heating system with heat dumps to the exterior of the structure in the summer and to the interior in the winter.
  • The project is on track to reach full PHIUS certification
  • Educational displays to teach guests staying at the building about the technologies used in the building

Orientation and Envelope: (windows, insulation, framing)

  • The structure is 2x4 construction with fiberglass insulation and exterior insulation in larson trusses on the roof (16”), walls (14”) and floor (12”). 

  • The building is oriented cardinally and triple pain passive house certified windows and doors are installed.

Heating, Cooling, and Hot Water:

  • Heating and cooling is supplied via a single 12,000 BTU Fujitsu Halcyon heat pump that can operate down to -15-deg F.

  • Hot water is provided by an evacuated tube solar HW system with electric backup.


  • A Zehnder ERV is installed with 5 supply and 5 exhaust points and three bathroom wireless boost switches.


  • Electricity is grid supplied with an easy access breaker panel and surge protection.


  • Hot water and some building heating is supplied by an evacuated tube solar hot water heater with electric backup.

Resources Sustainability Features:

  • Passive House certification pending

  • Triple-pane windows and doors

  • Sealed wood stove with fresh air intake.  The Woodstock Soapstone is was the most efficient and cleanest stove on the US market rated by the EPA at 82% efficient producing an average emissions of 1.04 gr/hr.

  • Hyper-insulated building envelope

  • Only recyclable EPS foam was used on this project for basement insulation

  • Dense pack cellulose is the primary insulation material

  • Highly recyclable metal roof

  • Vented cavity behind roofing and siding to enhance drying capacity

  • The building uses a single, small reversible heat pump to heat the entire structure utilizing the ERV to distribute the heat, minimizing ductwork and complexity.

  • The building has an evacuated tube solar hot water heating system with excess heat available for space heating in the winter.

  • All LED lighting

  • 3/8” plumbing to all fixtures in the building, which are all low-flow units

  • Original interior pine planking reused whenever possible during the extensive trim carpentry phase of the work.

  • Dial out fire alarm system

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