2015 Challenge Participant:

Skip Kamis Inc. - Stanwicks/Martin Residence

Applicants: Donna Martin, Skip Kamis

Project Address: 89 Bogel Road, East Haddam, CT 06423

Bdrms./Sq. Footage: 2 BD - 1680 sq ft

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The Skip Kamis Inc. - Stanwicks/Martin Residence project in East Haddam, CT.

General Project Overview:

This single family home is located in East Haddam and sits on a 10 acre lot surrounded by forest and conservation land.  The site was cleared just enough to allow for shade free solar capacity for the home.  As empty nesters, the homeowner designed the house with special attention to being able to remain in the home well into old age thus lengthening the time to benefit from the investment.  This all electric ranch with a 1680 sq.’ footprint and 1560 sq.’ of conditioned space features a high level of accessibility if a family member should ever require a wheel chair in the future.  The shower also features a curbless walk in for this purpose.  Special attention was also paid to indoor air quality and natural lighting in work spaces by placing large windows near kitchen counters and office desk locations.  The hot water tank is located just below the kitchen sink and the laundry and bathroom were placed in the design to allow for the shortest possible runs to boost water conservation.  The low flow toilets and shower head also contribute to this as well.  The use of ceiling fans helps to cut down on A/C use.

Large antique cabinets were used in place of constructing closets at the entrance and in the bathroom cutting down on materials needed.  A recycled antique was also used for the bath vanity.  The floor plan eliminates all but one short hallway making full use of every square foot of living space.

Special Features:

  • The high air quality was achieved through all no VOC paints and finishes and low VOC glues. Kitchen cabinets were made by Executive Cabinetry certified by the Environmental Stewardship Program, Forest Stewardship Council and Greenguard Environmental Institute. 
  • Masonite’s Safe & Sound series were used for all interior doors for their NAHB and CARB ratings.
  • Organic garden beds were added just beyond the kitchen door providing enough produce to help feed the family throughout the summer and fall months.
  • A rose arbor will arc over two large west facing windows to provide shade and boost cooling during the hot summer months.

Orientation and Envelope: (Windows, Insulation, Framing)

  • The due south orientation allows for strong solar production
  • The uPVC construction with an R value of 9.8 and 5 point locking system provides for exceptional air tightness.
  • Walls:  10” double wall construction with dense pack cellulose of R-40.
  • Roof:  Ceilings have R-19 Kraft batts with an R-41 blown cellulose on top for a total of R-60. Two foot roof overhangs shade south facing glass in the summer.
  • Basement:  Basement ceiling has R-38 Kraft Batts.  Basement floor has 2” foam boards under slab.
  • Windows: Klearwall triple pane windows manufactured by Munster Joinery in Ireland were used. Window glazing does not exceed 20% of conditioned living space and 53% of all glass is on the south facing wall. Two foot roof overhangs shade south facing glass in the summer.  An SHG of .61 provides supplemental solar heating during winter months.

Heating, Cooling, and Hot Water:

  • Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump System with H2i Technology.  A single zone system serves the great room and a multi-zone system handles the bedrooms and studio.
  • Water heater is a State Hybrid Residential heat pump model SPX50DHPT
  • A basement dehumidifier will be used during summer months. Santa Fe Compact 70 pint energy star rated.


  • HRV system is a Greentek by Imperial Air Technologies Model # PH 7.15.  It draws stale air from the bathrooms and kitchen and feeds fresh air to the bedrooms and side entry hall.  It has continuous air flow on reduced speed with boost timers in the bathrooms and a dehumidistat in the living space.

Electrical and Appliances:

  • All appliances are energy star rated.  The cooktop is induction and all lighting is LED.
  • An 8.4 kw system using LG 280 watt panels with solar optimizers is expected to produce 100% of the homes electrical load


  • An 8.4 kw system using LG 280 watt panels with solar optimizers is expected to produce 100% of the homes electrical load
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