2016 Challenge Participant:

Brookside Development - Singer Village

Applicant: Mark Nuzzolo

Project Address: 5 Singer Village Drive, Derby, CT 06418

Bdrms./Sq. Footage: TBD

Builder Website: www.brooksidedevelopment.com

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The Brookside Development - Singer Village project in Derby, CT.

General project overview:

This Zero Energy Ready Home is designed to meet many market segments. Innovative technologies were incorporated into traditional building designs and practices and built for sale in a very competitive Connecticut Real Estate Market.

The Main Floor features 1380 square feet of living space with nine foot ceilings coffered in the great room with large windows allowing ample sunlight. This exciting design offers an open floor plan where the kitchen and its large walk-in pantry and island serves the dining and living areas. Two full bedrooms, two full baths, and laundry room, are conveniently located providing Care Free One Floor Living.

The open staircase to fully conditioned, partially finished lower level allows for future expansion to add two more bedrooms, family room and full bath, or for multi-generational living.

This high performance home substantially reduces or eliminates energy bills, ensures engineered comfort well beyond traditionally built homes, protects health with a comprehensive package of air quality measures, and helps maximize the largest investment in a lifetime!

Special Features:

  • This limited edition model home in a small subdivision features maintenance free siding, windows, deck and exterior trim. It is designed to satisfy one floor living, but can easily expand to more bedrooms, family room or in-law suite for multi-generational living. The home is designed to be certified under the Zero Energy Ready Home, Energy Star, Indoor Air Plus and Water Sense Programs.

  • The site was developed to accommodate 100 % of the storm water generated by the construction of the home. Each home has an uninterrupted south facing roof line to accommodate Solar PV.

  • This home has a Building Integrated Solar PV system designed to satisfy all or most of the home’s electricity demands.

Orientation and Envelope: (windows, insulation, framing)

  • The rear of the house which has the largest uninterrupted roof plane was designed to face southeast.

  • Earthwise double hung windows produced by New York based firm PVC Industries. Low E glass with a SHGC of 0.27, U value of .025 and an air infiltration rate of 0.3. The windows are Made in USA certified and are backed by the Good House Keeping Seal.

  • Foundation insulated with R-6.5 closed cell foam from top of wall to 3’ below grade, critically sealed with close cell foam over sill to subfloor.

  • 2x4 walls 16” OC ,7/16 OSB sheathing with 1 “ polyisco foam and vinyl siding; cavity is filled with 1”1/2 inch closed cell foam and 2 “ fiberglass batts.R-25.64 continuous,  supplying a whole house draft barrier.

  • Flat ceilings insulated to R-60 with blown-in cellulose and critically sealed with closed cell foam.

  • Slab is insulated with closed cell foam R-13

Heating, Cooling, and Hot Water:

  • The heating, cooling and ventilation system is designed to achieve optimum performance and comfort. Installed by an Energy Star approved contractor, all ducts are in conditioned space, tested and measured to design standards ensuring even room temperatures throughout the home.

  • Two stage gas fired warm air furnace 96% AFUE

  • 16 SEER Air Conditioner

  • Controlled by Honeywell Intelligent Comfort control with wireless capabilities

  • Gas Fired Tankless Hot Water Heater

  • All fixtures are Water Sense rated, plumbed directly through  a manifold with ½ inch pex tubing.


  • Ventilation is achieved with the combination of Panasonic Whisper Green Fans and an Air Cycler.

  • The Air Cycler control opens a motorized fresh air damper which allows fresh air to enter the return side of the HVAC system and distributes the air through the ducts in the house. At the same time, the Panasonic fan turns on to exhaust an equal amount of air. The controls of the Air Cycler regulates the amount of fresh air to satisfy ASHRAE 62.2

  • A MERV 11 filter removes unwanted particles to provide a clean, healthy environment.

  • A passive Radon system has been installed.

  • A Panasonic fan is installed in the garage with a motion detector to exhaust unwanted fumes. 


  •  Light switches are lowered and plugs are raised to accommodate Universal Design.
  • The electric loads have been minimally designed to allow a 4.67 KWH to offset most if not all of the home’s electric demands.
  • A plug is located in the garage to charge an electric car.
  • All homes in the subdivision have a lamp post with a LED bulb which turns on dusk to dawn providing a village feel.


  • The southeast facing roof plane is covered with SunTegra's Solar roof system which operates as both a roof and solar product. It is installed directly onto the roof deck along with standard ashphalt roof shingles. The Solar system provides a uniform appearance for superior aesthetics.

  • The array was custom designed to complement the hip roof. It is equipped with a single phase string  inverter and a real time monitoring system accessed through wireless communications.

  • SunTegra solar shingle has the safety backing of Underwriters Labatory (UL) and is certified to withstand rain, hail, and wind.

  • The 4.8 kW system is estimated to produce 5,376 kWh in the first year.

Resources Sustainability Features:

  • High Performance Envelope working 365 days a year.
  • Domestic water system designed to WaterSense standards.
  • High Efficient HVAC, Hot Water, Appliances and Lights.
  • Building Intergrated Solar Photophotaic System
  • Rain Gardens providing Storm Water Mananagement.
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