2016 Challenge Participant:

Hamden EDC

Applicant: Hamden Economic Development Corp

Project Address: 499 New Hall Street, Hamden, CT 06517

Bdrms./Sq. Footage: TBD

Builder Website: www.alcaco.com/dir

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General project overview:

The project involves the new construction of an affordable, zero energy, owner occupied 3 bedroom residence with a 1 bedroom accessory apartment over a garage on a vacant lot in the Newhall Neighborhood of Hamden. The 499 Newhall Street project once completed will stand as an example of an affordable, sustainably built home in a once environmentally challenged neighborhood. To achieve zero energy, the project will employ innovative construction methods and materials, high thermally resistant design including advanced doors and windows, energy star appliances, LED lighting and high efficiency heating / cooling systems. These measures will be coupled with the installation of a 8.5 kw photovoltaic array on the South facing roof of the main house which is sized to meet all the electrical needs of the residence and accessory apartment, thereby creating a zero net energy residence.

To maintain the affordability of the residence, the development team has assembled an array of funding and grant sources from the following agencies: Connecticut Housing Finance Authority, Eversource Energy, Town of Hamden Office of Housing and Neighborhood Development and the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund

The property has been sold to an income qualified family of 4 with an in-law selected for the accessory apartment. The final sales price was $175,000.

Special Features:

  • Affordability: One goal of the project was to build this house for less than $150 per square foot. Minus the cost of land and remediation, the cost to complete the project was $290,000 which equates to approximately $120 per square foot. 

Orientation and Envelope: (windows, insulation, framing)

  • Building orientation is generally East / West with a large gabled roof facing South. The plan is compact with the accessory apartment over a garage attached to main house on the South side. Windows are Pella 350 series triple glazed vinyl with a U value of .17. The doors are fiberglass with a U value of .25.

  • An R-34 building wall envelope was achieved by covering the exterior with  1 3/8” R9 polyiso board and installing 5.5” of R25 mineral wool insulation in the 2x6 wall cavities. The roof above the apartment ceiling will be insulated with 6" expanding foam and R13 fiberglass batts in the 2 x 10 cavity for an R value of 52. 16” of blown in cellulose insulation in the roof truss cavities of the main house provides an R-56 assembly. The basement walls are insulated with 2” of poliyiso insulation for an R value of 13 and all joist pockets on all floors are filled with 6” of expanding foam.

Heating, Cooling, and Hot Water:

  • LG split system air heat pump units for all heating and air conditioning in both main house and apartment.

  • DHW is supplied to both main house and apartment by an 80 gallon AO Smith heat pump hot water heater.


  • Project is all electric with single meter for both main house and apartment.  All lighting is either CFL or LED. Appliances are all energy star. 


  • Main House: Fantech 150 cfm ERV

  • Accessory Apartment: Fantech 100 cfm ERV


  • 8.64 LG Photovoltaic system on South roof of main house offsetting electrical usage for both main house and accessory apartment. Is estimated to produce 11.57 KWH annually. 

Resources Sustainability Features:

  • In-fill lot in a brownfield reclaimed neighborhood
  • Advanced wall framing using less materials
  • TJI and Trusses used for the floors and roof.
  • Site located with walking access to transportation
  • Water efficient plumbing fixtures were used
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