2013 Challenge Participant:

Griffiths Residence - Lehto Design/Build

Applicants: Nick Lehto - Builder, David and Susan Griffiths - Homeowner

Project Address: Killingly, CT

Bdrms./Sq. Footage: 3 BD - 2,600 sq ft

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This project is a father and son collaboration between Paul Lehto and his son Nick.  Paul is a UCONN alumni and graduated with a degree in civil engineering in 1976. Paul first worked in Saudi Arabia as a civil engineer before starting his own building company in 1978.  During the 1980s he built several energy efficient homes that featured advanced insulation techniques and solar thermal panel systems.  Over the course of his building career Paul has built over 150 homes.

Nick Lehto is also a UConn alumni and graduated in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in Real Estate and Urban Economics.  Upon graduation he joined his father in the building business.  In 2008, when oil prices sky rocketed, Paul and Nick saw a tremendous business opportunity  in building energy efficient homes.  In 2010 Nick completed training on the German Passive House standard, and now is one of a small handful of certified Passive House consultants in the state of CT.  Passive House, which was developed in Germany, is one of the most stringent energy standards in the world.  It requires the building to have an extremely well insulated and virtually airtight shell in order to minimize heating and cooling costs.  Paul and Nick implement principles learned in this training into all the homes that they build.  Within the last few years they have built several low energy homes that received HERS ratings of 40 or below; all without the use of renewables. As a partnership of Lehto Design/Build, they will both strive to educate the public with hopes that energy efficient homes will one day be mainstream.


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